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Insurance Types

Although legally you only have to carry liability insurance, by doing so you won’t be fully covered. Below are the basic coverages we suggest you carry to ensure you are protected.

Cheap Auto Collision Insurance


Required by law in many states, collision insurance covers your physical injuries and damage caused by a car accident.

Comprehensive Car Insurance


Covers incidents other than a car accident, like fire, vandalism, weather, falling objects, or animal damage.

Liability Car Insurance


Required by law in all states, liability insurance covers damage to other people and their property in the event you are in a car accident.

Cheap Rental Car Insurance


Choose how much coverage you want for your rental car, and it gets broken down into a daily maximum rate and a total coverage amount. Makes life a whole lot easier in the case of an accident.

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We work with these top companies to get you the best auto insurance rates available so you can save money.

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